Art direction, branding, packaging,
social media, webdesign, eshop

Project done with Elise Botrel


Cantou means “fireside” but also “heart of the family” and “home”. This is the name that the Beggiato sisters have chosen for their store. Located in Cahors, it offers a selection of beautiful, useful and sustainable objects for the home. After 3 years of existence, the shop’s creators wanted to give Cantou a visual identity consistent with the soul of the brand and in harmony with the boutique’s close environment. In order to do so, we’ve imagined a colorful and generous identity.

At the origin of Cantou, there are two sisters, one an aficionado of flea markets, the other of arts and crafts. Their shop offers both antiques and carefully selected interior design items. We wanted to highlight their meticulous curation work by positioning the store in a contemporary aesthetic that evokes both regional heritage and cutting-edge taste.

Inspired by the lettering and displays in the surrounding area, we decided to use a typography with pronounced serifs and surprising contrasts, a strong choice that acts as a signature. The range of colours we chose was inspired by raw materials (krafts, wood, etc.), illuminated by two fluorescent shades. Finally, the iconography draws on the two sisters’ collection of film photos to share their universe and their everyday inspirations.