Creative strategy, art direction, lettering, illustration, packaging, social media, webdesign

Project done with Julie Checconi
Photography Sergio Sandona, Valentine Dreyfus, Keys


Forci is an extraordinary place, born from the aspirations of a Dutch family who settled in Tuscany, in Lucca. By taking over this immense estate of over 350 hectares, made up of farmhouses, olive groves, vineyards and forest, its new owners wanted to reconnect with the land, and offer its visitors a plural experience. At the heart of their project: the desire to reconnect with ancestral traditions and rethink the link between man and Nature.

When we started to work on Forci’s visual identity, we immediately suggested to its owners that they define their project more precisely: the initial desires were numerous and the interlocutors varied, so we first had to design tools to better identify the pillars of the Forci experience. Using service design methods, we were able to put words and images on the key principles that define the project: the estate offers, in turn, to be inspired, to recharge one’s batteries, to put one’s hands in the earth, or to taste.

Based on these pillars, we worked on a global graphic system, which combines illustration, photography, colors and lettering, to meet the varied needs of the different activities and numerous media. The identity is thus expressed through visuals for the website and social networks, to the packaging for the farm’s products, including a family of logos for the different offers and activities, such as the recently inaugurated art foundation. To design the main logo, we drew inspiration from the lapidary letters on the walls, flaring the serifs slightly to bring a little fluidity. Finally, we designed an alternate for the leg of the R to evoke the roots of the plant brandmark that accompanies it. The result is both organic and refined, a balance that echoes the history of the site.