Le Beau Tom

Art direction, branding

Project done with Elise Botrel
Photography Yanis Ourabah et Keys


As a brand of men’s underwear for the gay and LGBTQIA+ community, Le Beau Tom wanted to stand out from its competitors by deliberately avoiding the cliché from images of perfect, hyper-sexualised bodies and offering a different, more realistic and benevolent iconography. We therefore worked with the brand to define its positioning and communication strategy, and create a visual identity in harmony with its values.

Le Beau Tom’s core target is men who are comfortable with their bodies, not necessarily smooth and muscular, but certainly worthy of attention, and cozy, elegant underwear. To implement the brand’s visual system, we first began by working on the logo using serif typography in bold, with a baseline in italics: “We’ve got your back”, a daring pun which counterbalances the very chic aspect of the italics.

To reinforce this logo, we designed a monogram, with a 3D effect that evokes the ink of a feather, and a letter B in the form of a heart. It’s a refined and warm sign, which transforms into a pattern to enhance the packaging, or comes as a signature on the brand’s visuals, deliberately colored, contrasting with the sobriety of black and white. The choice of iconography establishes Le Beau Tom in a gentle and caring world: portraits of ordinary men, smiling and confident, alternating with close-ups of men seen from behind, dressed in elegant boxer shorts.