Art direction, branding, packaging, space

Project done with TBX Agency and Elise Botrel


We have been working with the Pattis Saudi restaurants Pattis since 2015. Through the years, we have not only developed their new visual identity, but also carried out long-term work on their overall artistic direction: we have created the various printed media, designed the spaces, selected the furniture, elaborated strategy and aesthetics of their social networks and mobile applications, or even carried out the photographic and video direction. This fruitful collaboration, with multiple facets and numerous variations, has enabled us to work with a number of specialists from all over the world.

First established with a restaurant in Al Khobar, the brand has grown and diversified itself with no less than 3 establishments and around ten pop-up events. The original brief was a simple baseline: “French touch, French Riviera”, underlining the importance of French cuisine in their restaurants. To tackle this project, we had to take into account an essential aspect at Pattis: the brand offers a wide range of events and needs full-fledged visuals for the festive season.

We therefore created a sober and refined identity, which is based on colored and white stripes, evoking the beaches of the South of France. This bayadères pattern sets up the brand in a revisited French tradition, while allowing for countless variations. Accompanied by a logo with a generous, sans-serif lettering, the visual identity of Pattis combines gourmandise and elegance, to seduce the public of the Arabian Peninsula and highlight the specificity of its cuisine, while appealing to a wide target audience.