Vila 1903

Art Direction, branding, lettering, packaging, social media, copywriting, webdesign, eshop

Photography Bárbara Bernardi
Copywriting & Social media strategy Camille Morgenstern


Vila 1903 is a brand of olive oil created by the Carvalho brothers. Their olive oil has been produced for generations on the family land in Norte Alentejo, in the southern half of Portugal. The two brothers asked us to design a visual identity that reflects the brand’s values: their product is part of a long tradition of artisanal production, respectful of the environment and committed to offering a sophisticated taste experience.

Based on this positioning, we have developed a graphic language that allows them to place their olive oil in the world of luxury grocery products, while highlighting the know-how handed down from generation to generation. To do so, we delved into the family history and their estate, and discovered the graphic element that would serve as the basis for creating our graphic system: the Carvalho coat of arms.

We began by redesigning the initials of the family coat of arms to offer a more modern version, then created a stencil lettering for the logo with an original ligature, giving the 4 letters of the word Vila an imposing and elegant stature. For the brand’s packaging, we used the V in the form of a chevron, alternating with the seal and attesting to the undeniable quality of the products. Finally, the website allows us to develop the brand story in a refined design with a simple, user-friendly e-shop.