La Pietra

Art direction, branding, lettering, packaging, social media, webdesign

Project done with Cássia D’Elia
Photography Keys, Antoli Studio
Web development Gérome Ibri


La Pietra is a restaurant and guest house, located nearby the ruins of the La Rocca castle in Roccalbegna, a medieval village in the middle of Tuscany. Founded by Mexican chef Monica Patiño, it is a rejuvenating and inspiring place to eat and rest. At the invitation of the owner of the house, we created an elegant and minimalist visual identity to give the place a more contemporary image, while retaining its authenticity.

One of the first things that strikes you when you visit La Pietra is the way Monica Patiño succeeded in creating spaces that blend simplicity and warmth with ease. The materials are raw, the stonework is exposed, and each room is soberly decorated with a few meticulously chosen fabrics and objects. The chef wanted to create an atmosphere that everyone could make their own, to make them feel at home, somewhere else.

For the logo, we designed a bespoke lettering, inspired by stone-carved letters, which we simplified to the core, only keeping the essence of each letter – as a tribute to the place. These letters are reminiscent of the silhouette of La Rocca, which is also found in the embossing on the back of the business cards. In the same minimalist spirit, we focused on materials rather than colors, selecting papers and printing techniques that echo the raw treatment of the spaces. Finally, to capture the unique atmosphere of La Pietra, we produced the photographic content for the social platforms and website, which offers a contemplative and immersive browsing experience.